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I started composing music in my early teens after my parents bought me a guitar. I’m sure that was a first step for several songwriters and composers. The ability to play a few chords in first position is about all you need in order to compose a song and also to accompany yourself when you sing it. My friends and I played songs by a bunch of songwriters who were also good guitarists: Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Stephen Stills, Bruce Cockburn, Ian Anderson, Neil Young. And we all wrote songs that were influenced by those same artists.

I left singing and song-writing when I started studying music at university in 1974. After graduating, I focused on writing music for classical ensembles for quite a while, but returned to writing and singing songs in about 2005 when I realized that most music - even classical music - grows out of simple songs in some way. So it’s a good idea for all musicians to sing, and it’s also a good idea for composers to write songs and to sing them.

Here's a video of my 2016 song Blade Runner Windows; performed with the Button Factory Band:

        Glenn Buhr, September 2020