god of war

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Produced by Glenn Buhr
Compiled, mixed and mastered by Jamie Sitar
Recorded in Winnipeg and Toronto in Winter/Spring, 2021


The Button Factory Band
        • Peter Lutek, bassoon with effects
        • Reg Schwager, guitar
        • Glenn Buhr, vocals/keyboards/2nd guitar/field recordings
        • Victor Bateman, bass/vocals
        • Brandon Valdivia, drums/percussion
        • Margaret Sweatman, guest vocalist

Music: Glenn Buhr
Text: Margaret Sweatman



god of war, two-faced brute, bloodstained
thug drunk at the bar,
built his guns in his garage at night
to get away from his wife.
Dragon got rich on blood and iron, fire and steel.

Powerful fools want a drink, liquor and water,
all the water, all the power.
Drink it, get drunk on power.
Spend the blood.

After the planes rain steel and fire
A child says goodbye to his mother
And above it all?
Clouds drift like misty dragons,
And the airplanes fly low,
Unload cargo, 500 pounds
Fall end on end
Laced with oil and gas
to make it last.


When the pain hits deep,
it strikes heart’s keel,
and the heart
sounds a sounding,
knot by knot.
not this, not fire,
not steel, not dynamite, not drones

but the drone of fireflies,
loons in the dark
forests on an island
sway in warm wind
where children don’t fall
from the rocking