Same Old Sorrow (4:16)

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Music by Glenn Buhr; Lyrics by Margaret Sweatman

The Broken Songs Band
   Margaret Sweatman, vocal
   Glenn Buhr, piano
   Richard Moody, viola
   Greg Lowe, guitar
   Gilles Fournier, bass


I don’t know why
I thought the sun wouldn’t rise tomorrow
Just like always, same old sorrow.

I don’t know why
I sing the saddest song about you.
Lost my luck when I first you.

If you turned my way
It was to see if I’d follow
Pick my pocket
Steal my heart.

I don’t know why
I thought the stars wouldn’t shine in the night sky.
Just always, bright as white lies.

I don’t know why I think that
I can make it good again.
Play it straight, I’m in your hands then.

When you turn my way
I’m just a fool who wants to follow
I'm on to your game
Steal my heart.