Mr. Elegant (1:54)

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Music by Glenn Buhr; Lyrics by Margaret Sweatman

The Broken Songs Band
   Margaret Sweatman, vocal
   Glenn Buhr, piano
   Richard Moody, viola
   Chuck McClelland, saxophone
   Greg Lowe, guitar
   Gilles Fournier, bass
   Daniel Roy, drums


We get tired
we seem to go round and round
love like a clock
cutting up time
working so hard
all I ever have is your back.

Electric light is not pleasing
the sun sets so early these days
nights pass like fire alarms
life as ordinary as a country song.

But Mr. Elegant
Mr. Fine of Mind
I’m holding to your mystic
no matter how deep I go
you’re deeper still
pearl, precious oil, sapphire.

I’ll never know all of you
you’re far beyond and far above me
and all around sings the night
lit by your fine, fine mind.