I Shook Hands with Igor Stravinsky (5:22)

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    Glenn Buhr, piano/guitar/vocals
    Margaret Sweatman, vocals
    Scott Nolan, guitar
    Julian Bradford, bass
    Christian Dugas, drums
music and lyrics by Glenn Buhr


They’re gone now,
But my old lords of learning still whisper in my ear,
Keep trying son.
That new old familiar chord is very near.

In my dream I met Igor Stravinsky,
He handed me a key,
Then Igor Stravinsky plucked a new old familiar chord
From every tree.

I joined a crowd of fallen angels.
We walked toward the sunrise.
Spent from a night of dancing and crying and sinning and lying,
We walked on, with grace and terror in our eyes.

In my dream I met Igor Stravinsky,
And when he shook my hand,
He said he grew up just down the street,
And played in a Shadows cover band.

She moves through the night,
And tries every door.
When she finds the one that opens,
She’ll curse the gods and laugh,
And have everything she had, and know everything she knew,

In a dream, she meets Igor Stravinsky,
His heart as cold as stone.
She scolds him, and kisses him,
Then starts the long walk home.