High and Lonesome (4:48)

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Music and Lyrics by Glenn Buhr

The Broken Songs Band
   Margaret Sweatman, lead vocal
   Glenn Buhr, piano/vocals
   Richard Moody, viola/vocals
   Fred Redekop, mandolin
   Greg Lowe, guitar/vocals
   Gilles Fournier, bass


The band played on at the High & Lonesome Club,
The trains drifted by, the sun hung in the sky.
And I saw myself, playing guitar on a flat car,
And getting stoned with the redneck railboys.

In those days, I had nothing to say, so in the heat, I sang some songs,
While back home the band played on, at the High & Lonesome Club.

And I’ve been alone here, at the High & Lonesome Club,
Thinking it’s time to cut my losses, time to pick up my gains.
Then someone said: ‘Life is gaining meaning’,
Well I don’t know what she meant by that, but it had a good feeling.

And though she also told me that nothing is ever as it seems,
I found a home in those sea-green eyes,
So I danced with the woman of my dreams, and the band played on,
At the High & Lonesome Club.