Dear Abelard (3:10)

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Music by Glenn Buhr; Lyrics by Margaret Sweatman

The Broken Songs Band
   Margaret Sweatman, vocal
   Glenn Buhr, piano
   Richard Moody, viola
   Chuck McClelland, saxophone
   Greg Lowe, guitar
   Gilles Fournier, bass
   Daniel Roy, drums


Dear Abelard,
I am drunk & lonely,
I would like to be drunk & lonely
with you.

Dear Abelard,
my eyesight is going,
the expectation of beauty.
Dear Abelard,
why are you far away?

Dear Abelard,
I can’t sleep.
See? my baby see.
Though insomnia is precious too.

Since I last saw you,
dear Abelard, I haven’t slept.
I sleep in your bed
or not at all.

I’m always walking over there,
dear Abelard.
It keeps me in the same room
as my loss.

Dear Abelard,
I need to see you.
That’s all I know.