Blade Runner Windows (5:22)

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The Button Factory Band
    Glenn Buhr, guitar/vocals
    Victor Bateman, bass/vocals
    Brandon Valdivia, drums
special guests:
    Margaret Sweatman, vocals
    Scott Nolan, rhythm guitar
    The Penderecki String Quartet
music and lyrics by Glenn Buhr


Spires of steel.
Crows flock the Blade Runner windows;
Black cloaked, and surreal.

Steam rises against the moon,
making monster faces. The princess swoons,
    the hero bleeds.
The towers are planted in rows, but they spread like weeds.

Red season turning white,
Restless women hunting in the night.
Then you and I suffer through our goodbyes.
Sea of blue, yellow sunrise.

Mad beasts rise again.
Each with a tall and gentle friend,
They gather the herds,
And march toward their separate ends.

A thief sleeps on the floor in the dark -
Lone wolf, patriarch -
Dreaming songs.
The Lady’s gone.