study for a crouching figure - étude pour silhouette accroupie

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The work 'study for a crouching figure/étude pour silhouette accroupie' premiered in 1994 for DanceWorks in Toronto and was created for dancer Benoît Lachambre. The work has been performed in several venues in Europe and in Canada, on stage with lighting design and sometimes with live music.

The version in this video was presented at the Art Gallery of Ontario on the occasion of a special exhibition entitled Francis Bacon and Henry Moore: Terror and Beauty. 'study for a crouching figure' was heavily inspired by the work of painter Bacon specifically 'Triptych' (1944) that you can see exhibited on the wall behind the dancer.

This video is an adapted version of the work for the event that took place on April 3, 2014.

      Choreography: Marie-Josée Chartier
      Dancer: Brendan Wyatt
      Music: Narcissus and Echo and Narcissus by Rodney Sharman
      Set design: Marie-Josée Chartier and Don McGoldrick
      Performance assistant: Peter Earle
      Videographer: Mikael Lavogiez