Before Tonight

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Recorded at the Song Shop in Winnipeg (October 2022)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jamie Sitar
Produced by Scott Nolan
Music and Lyrics by Scott Nolan

Scott Nolan, guitar/vocals
Paul Balcain, saxophone
Chris Dunn, guitar
Glenn Buhr, piano
Gilles Fournier, bass
Joanna Miller, drums


Not to mention the stars
watching them fall
there goes another one now
not to mention the stars

Under the light of the moon
it shines in your eyes
there goes my world
here comes the night

(Were all just warming our hands
by the fire
how good it is to love somebody,
just to love)

between the thunder and the rain
I'm yours
like a train
between the thunder and the rain

caught in a storm
heart like a drum
waiting on a sign
or a miracle to come

(it was like nothing even mattered, before tonight)