Old Friends (Eight Ball over Old Vienna)

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Recorded at the Song Shop in Winnipeg (October 2022)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jamie Sitar
Produced by Scott Nolan
Music and Lyrics by Scott Nolan

Scott Nolan, guitar/vocals
Paul Balcain, saxophone
Chris Dunn, guitar
Glenn Buhr, piano
Gilles Fournier, bass
Joanna Miller, drums


Country kitchen basement bar
Gravel roads and falling stars
West of the valley in a border town
where we'll meet once the sun goes down

Radio with a broke antenna
Eight ball over old Vienna
Still traveling highway three
Wondering if you ever wonder about me

Clearwater at the rivers bend
McLaren's dog got loose again
Three o clock set on the old main stage
big yellow sun staring right in my face

warm front rolls in from the south
children playing in the schoolhouse
Prairie harvest full moon
ready or not winters coming soon

Pembina with time to spare
Passing through La Riviera
it's last call everybody's going home
almost like no time had past
some things are still built to last
like old friends, there's nothing like old friends}

the drive home was quiet in the car
the winds cried like a steel guitar
I thought of you passing Boissevain
halfway there and it started to rain

I guess sometimes life just gets busy
you out here and us in the city
next time lets not wait so long
some things you can count on