Swing Low

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Recorded at the Song Shop in Winnipeg (October 2022)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jamie Sitar
Produced by Scott Nolan
Music and Lyrics by Scott Nolan

Scott Nolan, guitar/vocals
Paul Balcain, saxophone
Chris Dunn, guitar
Glenn Buhr, piano
Gilles Fournier, bass
Joanna Miller, drums


I was looking for a maid
she was looking for a place to live
i told her, I’ve been thing about
packing up and leaving this place

she said I’ll be around
just not until the sun goes down

(i was feeling grateful, i hope it shows
where its headed now, nobody knows
sweet chariot, swing low
sometimes holding on is easier than legging go)

i was looking for a bar
one that was open all night long
the kind of place, if you stay late
the whisky pours like in an Irish song

she said I’ll stick around
at least until you get your feet on the ground.