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Peter Lutek's quintet, ENGINE (w. Tom Richards, Greg de Denus, Dan Fortin, Ethan Ardelli): a call to the human spirit, and a playful urge toward experimentation. This music visits vast landscapes, and explores yearning & anguish, exhilaration & comfort. Here are truly fresh musical ideas - jazz with a keen composerly intent, and journeys into soundscapes well beyond the instruments playing.

START was released February 25, 2011

Peter Lutek - Reeds
Tom Richards - Trombone
Greg de Denus - Piano
Dan Fortin - Bass
Ethan Ardelli - Drums

Recorded January 18 & 19, 2010 at The Canterbury Music Company by Jeremy Darby.
Produced, edited, and mixed by Peter Lutek.
Mastered by Fedge.
Artwork by Morgan Maher.

All compositions by Peter Lutek, except Folksing by Greg de Denus.
All compositions © Peter Lutek, 2009 (SOCAN), except When © Peter Lutek, 2006 (SOCAN), Folksing © Greg de Denus, 2009 (SOCAN)

This recording was made possible through the generous assistance of the Ontario Arts Council.

Released on Pet Mantis Records. (PMR007)
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