I'm a Blues Man

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Written by Duncan Mercredi and Glenn Buhr
Produced by Glenn Buhr;   Mixed and mastered by Jamie Sitar;   Design by Bereket Hailemariam
Recorded in Winnipeg in September 2021 || Copyright © 2022 DreamPlay Records

The Broken Songs Band:
    • Glenn Buhr, acoustic guitar/keyboard/vocals
    • Margaret Sweatman, harmonica/vocals
    • Al Beardsell, electric guitar
    • Gilles Fournier, bass
    • Daniel Roy, drums
    with Duncan Mercredi, hand drum



I'm a blues man
Just a blues man

I carry my troubles on my shoulders
I hide my pain inside
When that doesn't work, I step outside my skin
And wait for the needle to do it's magic

I carry many ghosts
Too many I know always find me wherever I go
No place to hide

I'm a blues man

Pretty woman wearing a veil
Tempting me with relief
Never achieved the ecstasy she promised
The sheet covers my failure

I wake, covered in sweat
Tossing and turning
Trying to lose the ghosts, but the needle they carry
Erases the nightmares
I can't find the vein that carries freedom

I'm fading