Patron Saint of Broken Hearts

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Recorded at Bedside Studio (May 2019) and the Song Shop (August/September 2021), in Winnipeg.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jamie Sitar
Produced by Scott Nolan and Glenn Buhr
Music and Lyrics by Scott Nolan

Scott Nolan, guitar/vocals
Glenn Buhr, piano/arrangement
Paul Balcain, saxophones
Joanna Miller, harmony vocals
Sierra Noble, harmony vocals

The Penderecki String Quartet
    Jeremy Bell, violin
    Jerzy Kaplanek, violin
    Christine Vlajk, viola
    Katie Schlaikjer, violoncello


They’ve got me parking cars
at the church on Easter Sunday
Pastor John said this is either
everything or nothing
that night I felt a chill
when I heard the choir sing Hallelujah, Hallelujah

storm before the calm
Patron Saint of broken hearts
searching for salvation
before I completely fall apart
first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring
even nothing feels like something when you’ve lost everything

[ We sing for mercy, we sing for joy
hurts so bad it makes a beautiful noise
I hear your footsteps
I can hear you calling my name
rejoice and start over again ]

Just a shell with empty rooms
family pictures on the wall
how something that made me feel so good
could make me feel so small
if true love never dies let’s just let it be
until then I’ll have no choice but to set you free