Yellow Lights of Moray

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Recorded at the West End Cultural Centre (December, 2019) in Winnipeg.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jamie Sitar
Produced by Scott Nolan and Glenn Buhr
Music and Lyrics by Scott Nolan

    Laura MacDougall, flute/piccolo
    Micah Heilbrunn, clarinet
    Allen Harrington, bassoon
    Isabel Lavoie, bass trombone
    Victoria Sparks, percussion
    Maya de Forest, violin
    Boyd MacKenzie, violin
    Michaela Kleer, viola
    Desiree Abbey, violoncello
    Paul Nagelberg, contrabass

Scott Nolan, vocals/guitar
Glenn Buhr, piano/conductor/arrangement
Joanna Miller, harmony vocals
Sierra Noble, harmony vocals


A man in a trench coat
speaks into a cell phone.
A woman in black
dances with the wind.
Across town
sirens are wailing.
I watch it unfold
from the pedestrian bridge.
Clouds form, the sky looked like a carousel.
River’s doing what rivers do.
Saddle up Green Arrow,
pedal until my shadow is long.
Under the yellow lights of Moray,
here since nineteen ninety five.
Clouds part and open to the heavens.
People doing what people do.