Bella Vista

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Recorded at Bedside Studio (May 2019) and the Song Shop (August/September 2021), in Winnipeg.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jamie Sitar
Produced by Scott Nolan and Glenn Buhr
Music and Lyrics by Scott Nolan

Scott Nolan, guitar/vocals
Glenn Buhr, piano/arrangement
Paul Balcain, saxophone
Gilles Fournier, bass
Joanna Miller, drums/percussion

The Penderecki String Quartet
    Jeremy Bell, violin
    Jerzy Kaplanek, violin
    Christine Vlajk, viola
    Katie Schlaikjer, violoncello


Tune up the band, turn down the lights
let the music spill into the night
when all is said and done
remember where you’re from
Bella Vista
here where the winters are long
winds howling four strong
streets are gritty, one great city
Bella Vista
your picture in a frame
where everyone remembers your name for
better or for worse
blessing and the curse
Bella Vista
under the red neon cross
we’ll remember the ones that we’ve lost
two rivers one song
here then they’re gone
every now and again
like the sound of a sad violin
I’ll whisper your name
words never change
Bella Vista.