Buckminster Fuller Dreams

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Produced by Glenn Buhr
Compiled, mixed and mastered by Jamie Sitar
Recorded remotely at homes in Winnipeg and Toronto in Summer, 2021

The Button Factory Band
        • Peter Lutek, alto saxophone/vocals
        • Reg Schwager, electric guitar/vocals
        • Glenn Buhr, vocals/acoustic guitar/acoustic bass/keyboards
        • Victor Bateman, vocals/electric bass
        • Brandon Valdivia, drums/vocals
        • Margaret Sweatman, guest vocalist

Music and Lyrics by Glenn Buhr
   (with elements of Freedom Jazz Dance by Eddie Harris)
Design by Bereket Hailemariam



Long hot sun black lady in black walks down the street in slow motion.
Her black-skinned man holds a black umbrella high
Against the sun. They walk on with sexy dignity,
Claiming a new land, young Ethiopian royalty.

Buckminster Fuller Dreams.
Buckminster Fuller Dreams.

A girl and her boy and the man of her dreams sip coffee in a burned-out café,
The juke-box band should’ve been done long ago.
It’s her first cigarette, and the waitress can’t stop talking.
With artificial joy, the man and the boy make mandalas in their coffee.

Buckminster Fuller Dreams.
Buckminster Fuller Dreams.

Zero, one, one, two, three, five, eight,
Thirteen, twenty-one, thirty-four,
Fifty-five, eighty-nine, one hundred and forty-four,
Two-thirty-three, three-seven-seven, six-ten, nine hundred and eighty-seven…

Buckminster Fuller Dreams.
Buckminster Fuller Dreams.