Rebels Blues

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Produced by Glenn Buhr
Compiled, mixed and mastered by Jamie Sitar
Recorded in Winnipeg and Toronto in Winter, 2021

The Button Factory Band
        • Peter Lutek, tenor sax
        • Reg Schwager, guitar
        • Glenn Buhr, guitars/keyboard/vocals
        • Victor Bateman, bass/vocals
        • Brandon Valdivia, drums/percussion
        • Margaret Sweatman, guest vocalist

Text and Music by Glenn Buhr
Art by Bereket Hailemariam



Blue coats / white
Ragged fever / scarlet light

The whole world is on the march.
Fierce angels in flight, once defeated,
Now take back the day, and burn down the night.

Red coats / black coats / grey coats / white.


Ontario versus Dudley George (executioner’s art)
Monuments fall,
ghosts rise in the dark.

Red Summer / Days of Rage / Black Day in July
Green Corn / Hayes Pond / White Night
Tennessee banshee cry

Ragged fever / scarlet light
Blue coats / black coats / grey coats / red coats / white.