Saturday night blues

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Night whispers a sad song
Echoes drift between alleys
Ones full of loneliness and want
A man stands under a burnt out neon sign
Sings an old song
Walked into an empty bar he sings
Full of ghosts and fading memories
Once it held hope and laughter
Dance floor would shake
And a woman’s voice wailed above the harp
Saturday night blues she sang
Swaying back and forth
Drum beat follows the lead
Bass cries in the background
A man laughs
Another catches a smile in the dim light
Maybe she whispers
But not tonight
I just feel like dancing
A slow, slow dance
One I can hold you tight
With no promises
A woman sings
Saturday night blues
A stolen kiss between sets
Found outside the back door
A little bit of laughter inhaled
Between swaying bodies
Wiping the heat off a body
Riding wave after wave of pleasure and heartache
Another Saturday night blues
Drifts away
An empty bar empties
As memories leave locking the door behind them

DRM/February2021/in a silent house