Crépuscule (excerpt)

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    Choreography: Marie-Josée Chartier
    Music: Linda Catlin Smith - 'In the High Branches'

        Kathryn Allen   Sophia Bush Anderson   Michael Baboolal   Anne Bornacin   Sarah Di Iorio   Rachel Facchini   Josephine Jacubowski
                Tessa Kuz   Heidi Lorenz   Victoria Machin   Jessica Mak   Sierra Richardson   Mio Sakamoto   Devon Snell   Sasha Speed

    Lights: Noah Feaver
    Costumes: Marie-Josée Chartier / Jenni Lee Pickett / Cheryl Lalonde
    Archival video: Frances Chudnoff

    Crépescule was originally commissioned by the School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg and premiered in 2013.
    This Toronto version was made possible through the festival and the support of the Toronto Arts Council.