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The Button Factory Band
     Glenn Buhr, lead guitar/vocals
     Mike Anderson, guitar
     Victor Bateman, bass
     Brandon Valdivia, drums
Special Guests: Peter Lutek, bassoon and Scott Good, trombone

Music and Lyrics: Glenn Buhr (after St. James Infirmary Blues)


The sun's goin' down on the town,
And the innocent ones do weep.
There's a goodly soul, gettin' tied to the gallows pole,
While the babies sleep.

What is a King? What is a Queen?
What do the Angels say?
The Jester shatters a figurine,
And the Old World fades away.

He’s old and cold, and the wisest of men,
And the crows have taken his eyes.
He reconciles with his kin,
And then, dies.

All the good men are blinded, or bound,
And the great ladies rejoice.
A lone monk makes an exquisite sound
With a broken voice.

There’s a ghostly man, and he’s cursed and crazy;
The lion has no teeth.
He scatters the birds with an English daisy.
There’s a tempest on the heath.

Cordelia lies on the funeral pyre;
The mourners weep.
The sun goes down and takes her fire,
While the babies sleep.